Benefits of the Permanent Endowment Fund

In recent years Christ UMC has begun to benefit from the investment of our permanent Endowment Fund. Permanent means "we never spend" the amounts donated. We only spend the interest and dividends from this fund. Over time, the fund's founding charter allows the church to improve its own programs and facilities as well as to increase its nurture of programs outside Christ UMC.

The fund has been used to help furnish and improve our "Permanent Endowment Fund Library" at Christ UMC with a small conference table and eight chairs. This furniture allows us to use the Library as a quiet, separate meeting place for many types of groups, for counseling, for small work groups and for a private place for anyone seeking time alone in a comfortable setting within the church building.

With the funds available from our Permanent Endowment Fund in 2011, we replaced furniture for the Children's Ministries area of the church on the second floor, extended extra help to a non-profit organization in Salt Lake Valley through the purchase of a 12 passenger van, and provided signage in and around our church facility announcing that the family who calls itself Christ United Methodist Church is a Reconciling Ministries Congregation which welcomes all people - we are 'Rainbow' people!

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