You Are Welcome

At Christ Church, we believe that we are called to be in ministry, everyday, in everyday ways. That's why we encourage and offer opportunities for our community to get involved.  Being involved in and for church efforts is a part of our church culture, a theology of being mindful of the impact and responsibility we have on and towards our local and global community as Christians. Through involvement this congregation is an outward-focused reflection of God's love to all.

There are many ways for everyone to get involved in meaningful activities each week.  There are classes to attend, athletic opportunities during the year, opportunities to serve many others outside our doors as well as in the church.  Some efforts can be accomplished in just one or two hours, some in part of a day, and others over many weeks.  We follow the old saying “many hands make light work” and we believe it’s more fun that way.

We hope you find your place at Christ Church. Everyone is welcome.

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