Donations for Guinea-Bissau Needed

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January 1, 2019 (All day)

Marit Snow Sawyer is returning to Guinea-Bissau in West Africa to teach English and assist with development at the school, whose goal is to "build the economy and infrastructure of Guinea-Bissau one educated student at a time."

Marit has two requests for assistance.
1) Donations of medical supplies (for surgery, childbirth) that she will pick up from the church office January 26. For a list of needed items contact her at or text 307-349-3499. 
2) Cash donations  to a Go Fund Me account, "English and Tech Skills funding in Guinea-Bissau". Funds will be used to
  • a) purchase and install a solar power system, and
  • b) assist with paying for maintainance and operations costs, staffing the school with Guinean teachers and managers, and providing room and board for American volunteers (including Marit).
Checks are also accepted and can be made out to Marit Snow Sawyer.  
Follow on FaceBook: Marit Snow Sawyer for updates.
The school and people of Guinea-Bissau give you warm THANKS for your help!