Christ Church is proud to sponsor The Wesley Bell Ringers, one of the premier youth handbell choirs in the United States.

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This choir includes students in 9th through 12th grade, plus "super seniors" in their first year of college. For more information, check out our Music Ministries page. 
Read and hear more on the Wesley Bells website.



Notes From The Wesley Bell Ringers

Many of you have heard our music, but unless you've been a member or a parent, you may not have heard the stories about our experiences with the choir. In any year we interact with thousands of people—from patrons of our rummage sales to audience members at Christmastime, from hosts during a summer tour to worshipers at CUMC—each has a different perspective on what we do. We also work. Hard. This organization takes many people to keep it running, but you know the saying about 'many hands'. The point of these Notes is to share the stories of people who have been involved with The Wesley Bell Ringers. Parents, hosts, church leaders, Directors, ringers—all have different reasons that speak to why that hard work is worth it, and why it is important. I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little bit better.

—Katie Lay, Director

The Sound of Community

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