Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class (grades 7 and up)

The word confirmation means "with firmness." Confirmation seeks to make firm what has gone before in the youth's life already, including God's grace, the nurture provided by parents and the faith community and the enduring action of God's Spirit.

As young people reach the age of accountability, they are ready to take more responsibility for their faith. Confirmation gives an invitation to claim the name Christian for themselves. They are being invited to make firm the foundation and build on it. The ultimate goal is Christian formation, being transformed--over time and through God's Spirit--into the image of Christ. The confirmation class will enjoy 9 months together exploring our United Methodist faith.

Each confirmation participant is given the oppportunity on Confirmation Sunday in May to answer this invitation to a commitment to Christ United Methodist Church with their presence, prayers, service, and offerings.

Meets Sunday mornings at 10:30 September-May. For questions please contact Rev. Rusty Butler at