Volunteer at Christ Church


Do you have a love for children?  We have a spot for you!  Do you yearn to serve folks who are struggling to make ends meet?  We have a place for you!  Do you wish you knew more about what goes on “behind the scenes” in our church?  We definitely have an opportunity for you!

The Lay Leadership Committee can help answer the questions “Where am I called to serve?”  and “How am I spending my time?  Am I making a difference in the world?”  Talk to Pastor Jean to help you find YOUR special spot for serving God and loving God’s people by using your gifts, talents and time to meaningful, fun and challenging ministries in our church—and in our community.  

Some of the on-going opportunities include:

Greeters-speak to Phyllis Hunt

Ushers-speak to Donna Mitchell or Phyllis Hunt

Liturgists-speak to Marcia Brissenden

Sunday School Teachers-speak to Vanitta Conrad

Choir Members-speak to the directors as listed on the Ministries and Programs pages.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, speak to Pastor Jean, or call the church office at 801-486-5473.