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February 13, 2018 (All day)

At our 125th birthday celebration we initiated a birthday year challenge for all of our members and friends.  Between now and next year’s Celebration Sunday (April 8, 2018), we are inviting, encouraging, cajoling, and challenging everyone in our congregation to make a significant gift to the Birthday Challenge Fund.  This money will be used as one large payment on the principal of the church’s mortgage, thereby reducing or eliminating the annual expense of mortgage payments (currently 165,000 per year).  Our mortgage resets to a new interest rate in December 2018, so the lower the principal balance, the better!

We have one year to plan, save, reallocate and/or reorganize our personal finances in order to make a significant contribution to the CUMC Birthday Challenge Fund. 

Please hold our church and all its members and friends in your prayers in the weeks and months ahead.  Let’s pray for the success of this fundraising effort, knowing that with its success, we will have increased abundance to share with our community—especially those in need.